About Us

Jason Watkins

After Jason graduated UC Davis with a degree in Environmental Policy, he focused his post college career on film. His first movie was a mockumentary about time he spent ski bumming with college friends in Colorado. It was this piece that helped him obtain his first job at a post-production rental house in Los Angeles.

His interest in the creative and technical aspects of filmmaking led him down an exciting career path. He worked as an Avid Technician at LucasFilm for the Episode III DVD group. Soon after that project completed, he moved across the Bay as a Technician at Pixar Animation Studios.

On nights and weekends Jason is the co-director, composer, editor, and cameraman for Poison Oak Productions. He is also the male voice of the iPod Nano/Nike product and can drive an 18 wheel big rig.

Wendy Todd

Wendy began learning video production as a volunteer at the Cambridge, MA cable access channel in 1997. After completing several classes, she began producing music videos and short documentaries that aired on cable access television.

In 1999 Wendy moved to California to pursue a graduate degree in public health. While she continued to love the art of making documentaries, she didn't have enough time to dedicate to this hobby. After earning a Master's degree in Public Health and getting settled in the San Francisco Bay Area, Wendy and Jason set out to make their first short documentary together. The project, Singletrack Minds, explored the long-time conflict between hikers and mountain bikers on Marin County trails. The division of labor on this project was clear - Wendy set up the interviews, researched the issue, and worked on promotion and distribution while Jason did everything else! This division of labor continued through their next project, The Way Bobby Sees It.

Wendy is a Program Officer at the Marin Community Foundation. She hopes to someday be a rock star.