The Way Bobby Sees It

The Way Bobby Sees It is a gripping documentary about a blind mountain bike racer who rides downhill, fast. Bobby McMullen lost his eyesight as a result of diabetes in 1993. Several years later his kidneys began to fail. He can't drive a car, grocery shop, or read a menu without help. He relies on others to see and takes 32 pills a day to stay alive. Despite these limitations, Bobby is on a mission to race the most difficult downhill course in the country. The Way Bobby Sees It is about one man's determination to live an active life even when the path is completely out of focus.

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Singletrack MINDS

Singletrack MINDS examines the origins of mountain biking in Marin County, California and the lasting, and often negative impact the early mountain bike pioneers made on the local hiking community. Roots of the conflict and present-day controversial solutions are explored from multiple angles. Perspectives range from mountain bike pioneers Gary Fisher, Charlie Kelly, and Wende Cragg to hiking advocates from the Sierra Club and Tamalpais Conservation Club. This documentary is a local story felt around the world as hikers and bikers struggle to coexist.

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